My house, and its surroundings. December 14, 2008

I have learned that some things aren’t going to go my way,
and some people are going to be harder to please than others.
It may be grey when I need sunshine,
and a frown has secured its spot where a smile should be.
I just go home, snuggle into a blanket, reach for a book, and
let it go.

It really is home where I can be myself,
with people who know me, love me, and help me grow,
even when they are the ones driving me toward insanity.

It really is the best place to be, and I wouldn’t choose anywhere else.
No matter where I end up in the future, whatever city, whatever state,
apartment, house, shack, or huge mansion,
the white house on the corner,
with windows too drafty in wintertime
and ceiling fans a-going all summer cooling hardwood floors,
in the neighborhood with streets named for presidents,
will always be home.


One Comment to “home.”

  1. This is such an incredible image, I couldn’t believe it; really pretty, what a nice place to call home.

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