–Making to-do lists makes me stressed out. Visually seeing all that needs to be done is too much.

–Greg and Chris’ funeral is on Monday, and I don’t think I have dreaded a trip to the church quite like I am dreading this one.

–KU better win tonight, or I might scream.

–I should be spending more of my time reading leisurely rather than playing Scramble on Facebook, but it’s so addicting!

–I love the jasmine thai tea candle my mom bought me today. Love, love, love.

–Cap and gown have been purchased and are anxiously awaiting the big day as much as I am.

–I am learning to be better organized. Or less messy. One of the two.

–In hoping that he would change his mind about me, I changed mine about him.

–Watermelon Ring Pops make almost everything better.


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