I hate the dentist. The thought of needles going into the gums never used to bother me much. I had 4 molars pulled before I got braces, and then all 4 my wisdom teeth had to be surgically removed (yes, cutting the gums wide open!) so that they wouldn’t mess up the work that my braces did. I was used to the dentist and used to pain by the time I was 15.

Now, I hate everything about going to the dentist. And the doctor in general, I guess. I take good care of my teeth, although I do eat too much sugar and drink too much Dr Pepper probably. It’s time for that annual cleaning that dentists always recommend, and I am putting it off for as long as possible. I need to have it done though, and then I am thinking about setting up another appointment with my orthodontist. As much as I hate to admit it, I haven’t worn my retainers for almost 6 years. It’s bad, I know! I worn them every single night prior to my injury, but then it was just kind of a nuisance and side thought. It’s not the first thing that you think of doing when you’re laid up in a hospital bed with a broken neck. I regret it now. My bottom teeth are crooked again, only slightly, but still I notice. The top ones look okay, but I also feel that the one next to my front tooth has moved. It’s making me slightly self-conscious. Lame probably, but it does. I am not sure what they’ll do, but I guess I’ll do whatever they decide.

I could kick myself now.


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