la la la.

I am gearing up for another busy week. Work will be crazy, I’m sure, because I am hoping to have some down time. It never turns out the way I think it will. I do have to redesign the volunteer brochure so that should keep my time occupied for the most part. Oh, and then there is that ConnectNow meeting that will take up most of Wednesday. I actually love those meetings though. You learn a lot about the library in one afternoon.

This weekend was a blast. The old crew from high school went out. The first time we have all hung out since before I was injured! And it was like nothing had changed. I have the best friends ever. I won’t go all into why because it turned out to be a very long and crazy night, but they are just great. I have a few pics, but none that are worth showing. We all were too plastered to take a decent one at the same time. Thankfully Benny was sober enough to drive home.

19 days til graduation. It’s so close!


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