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May 30, 2009


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May 26, 2009

Fork in the road.

I went today to the bookstore and spent half an hour looking at GRE books, deciding which would be best to help me prepare. Graduate school was never something that seriously crossed my mind until the day of graduation. Of course, it had been discussed with my parents, but only minimally, and never was a path that I seriously saw myself taking. More school? I mean, yeah right. I spent five years completing my undergrad degree and wanted no part of another institution that required commitment of that kind.

Now I’m probably 75% sure that graduate school is definitely where I’ll be sometime in the next five years.  Not only do I think that I better do it sooner rather than later, but I just don’t want to go into some everyday routine yet. I like freedom and flexibility, and a schedule that is 8 to 5 just isn’t for me…yet.

Just when I think I have it was figured out and ready to go, I change it up. Just like me to do that, I suppose.

May 24, 2009

beginning of summer.

Some weekends just reenforce the fact that I have the best friends a girl could ask for. We didn’t really expect to do anything spectacular, but then Maria’s brother, Donnie, and his new wife, Danielle, came from Fort Riley. So of course we made a party out of it. A big group of us closed down Skinny’s and then went to Benny’s house. I know that it’s summertime when parties don’t end until the sun is coming up.

Maria and I, May 23, 2009 (I look like crap when I drink.)

The past few weeks have been fantastic. I can’t even tell you how much I missed Maria for the past 7 years that she has not lived in Topeka. We were such good friends before, practically inseparable for our entire sophomore year of high school and the summer after. And it’s the exact same now. We have so much fun again. It’s like she never left at all. My mom says we are trouble together….but we like to get into a little bit of trouble. Trouble like this….

Ronnie’s car

Don’t worry. Ronnie wasn’t mad. He said he actually laughed when he came outside the next morning. Then he went across the street and wrote “Payback” on Benny’s truck because he thought Benny did it!

May 20, 2009


I am figuring out finally how to successfully scan written words and make them look okay for web. I’m excited.

Pretty cool, eh?

May 18, 2009


Graduation is over. Finally! It went really well, and the entire day was full of smiles and relief. I haven’t yet uploaded any pictures because I am just lazy about doing that. I do have one that Shalyn took though.

Corey, Lana and I

I really wish we could have been seated with our individual departments instead of alphabetically. It would have been much more fun and comfortable for everyone, I think.

The party at Tim and Sandra’s was really fun. I think a few people were apprehensive when they found out that we’d be having it at a farm, but it turned out really well. The goats go out of their corral and were chasing the kids who had cake, which was hilarious. Then some of the kids decided to try to chase and catch the chickens, which was even more hilarious. If you’ve never had the chance to see someone chase a chicken, you’d be surprised at how fast they are. I was cracking up. Mark rode the cow–and got bucked off twice. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

I’ll post pictures when I decide to upload some.

May 15, 2009

little update.

Court went just as I thought it would. No problems at all. Little Miss Serenity is officially a Koch. And ornery as ever.

May 15, 2009

A bit of everything.

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy was so…..what’s the word…..awful? If there is an awful-as-in-amazingly-good, then yes, it was awful. I had expected Izzy to die from her brain tumor, so for me that was not a huge surprise. But George?? How could they get rid of my George? I suppose that if he were going to die on the show, being hit by a bus to save a woman is probably the most George way to go. It was one the saddest episodes, and I still can’t stop thinking about it this morning. How did I get so attached to these characters anyway? Those darn Grey’s writers are good.

It’s early, and I’m up and ready to go. To court. Yea, today is the adoption hearing for Mark, Ashley, and Serenity. I have hopes that things will go smoothly, and Serenity will officially be a Koch by the end of the day. But of course, there are always things that could happen to hinder the process. Cross your fingers.

Tomorrow is the last day of my undergraduate career. I couldn’t be happier to have this over finally. The entire process is/was stressful, and I just want a day to *breathe* and relax. I’m sure there will be pictures to post on Sunday or early next week, depending on when I recover from all the fun.

Ahhh, I still can’t get over George!

May 9, 2009

Our little professor.

Kendall, in her new glasses. May 8, 2009

Isn’t this the cutest little thing ever? She’s quite a riot around here.

May 3, 2009

home stretch.

I found a flashdrive that I have been searching for forever with a lot of things that I had written in my creative writing and poetry classes a few years ago. It was very refreshing to read these things and not feel whatever emotions I had when I wrote them, good or bad. I love reading them slightly objectively and critiquing them with the objectivity that other people might. I am thinking about posting a few later, but they’ll have to wait until this revamped resumè is done and printed.

It was, overall, a very productive Sunday for me.

May 1, 2009

the inbetween


I think I’m scared.
I think I think too much.

I have this weird feeling in my chest today.
A fluttery feeling.
I can’t tell if I like it
Or if it just scares me.
I wish I knew what he was thinking.
But maybe I really don’t.

7 days. He’s coming. My turf,
and I’m still unsure.

Holy crap, I’m scared!
I don’t bring boys to meet the friends often,
well unless they already know them.
Because if they don’t click with my friends,
it’s a done deal.
Done, over, no more.

Scared. And so EXCITED!