home stretch.

I found a flashdrive that I have been searching for forever with a lot of things that I had written in my creative writing and poetry classes a few years ago. It was very refreshing to read these things and not feel whatever emotions I had when I wrote them, good or bad. I love reading them slightly objectively and critiquing them with the objectivity that other people might. I am thinking about posting a few later, but they’ll have to wait until this revamped resumè is done and printed.

It was, overall, a very productive Sunday for me.


One Comment to “home stretch.”

  1. I’ve noticed this, reading things from the past while not having that same emotion anymore. Way weird.

    But the resumè thingy, wow, you have come along like…so far since I first began following you (and I’ve read every post!).

    I’m wishing you the best of success.

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