beginning of summer.

Some weekends just reenforce the fact that I have the best friends a girl could ask for. We didn’t really expect to do anything spectacular, but then Maria’s brother, Donnie, and his new wife, Danielle, came from Fort Riley. So of course we made a party out of it. A big group of us closed down Skinny’s and then went to Benny’s house. I know that it’s summertime when parties don’t end until the sun is coming up.

Maria and I, May 23, 2009 (I look like crap when I drink.)

The past few weeks have been fantastic. I can’t even tell you how much I missed Maria for the past 7 years that she has not lived in Topeka. We were such good friends before, practically inseparable for our entire sophomore year of high school and the summer after. And it’s the exact same now. We have so much fun again. It’s like she never left at all. My mom says we are trouble together….but we like to get into a little bit of trouble. Trouble like this….

Ronnie’s car

Don’t worry. Ronnie wasn’t mad. He said he actually laughed when he came outside the next morning. Then he went across the street and wrote “Payback” on Benny’s truck because he thought Benny did it!


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