I love my brothers dearly. And their fishing habit too.

But their shad? No. Way.

Anyone who has not smelled shad during their time on this Earth is a lucky sonuvabitch. I’m outside right now, trying to soak up some rays (and color!) before tonight, but the wind keeps carrying me the awful smell from the bucket sitting near the garage.

I am rethinking this fishing trip to Tim’s pond now. If the bait all smells like that, I can do without!


2 Comments to “stench!”

  1. You are probably going to laugh at me being a city girl, but what in the world is shad?

  2. Shad is a fish, but when it’s dead, it can be used as a stink bait. And believe me, stink bait is an accurate description. My mom won’t let them bring it in the house at ALL.

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