dad update.

Well my dad is finally home from the hospital. After 4 days of observation, he came home with a list of to-do’s and not-to-do’s. I hate it when he is gone, mostly because everything seems so much quieter and empty. The house is never in order, and nobody is on any kind of schedule because we take visiting shifts so he isn’t alone in the hospital. It’s an exhausting situation for all of us. No sleep, extraordinary stress, and trying to keep all the out-of-town relatives up to date is hard on me. And honestly, it shows on all of us. Dad was the one hospitalized, and he looks better than the rest of us!

The Denver trip was, of course, cancelled. Mom and I decided immediately that being 550 miles from home any time soon is simply out of the question. We would have been too distracted the entire time with our worries about him back here at home to get anything constructive done. My reevaluation can always be reschedule for some time in the spring.

For now, things are looking okay. I just hope they continue that way.


One Comment to “dad update.”

  1. Glad your daddy is home. Now, it is time for you to get some rest as well as the rest of the family. I always noticed how drained my family and friends were when they were visiting me in hospitals. Seemed like they needed the bed more than I did at times. Back and forth — up and down the hallways, stress, etc.

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