Yes, I do.

Me, taken with Blackberry July 29, 2009

I choose to be happy, to put a smile on my face when I really don’t want to, when being sad and angry and resentful and lonely and weak seems like a much easier plan for the day.

I choose to live life as if this was how it is supposed to be, meant for me, full of challenges that I don’t understand, but ones that constantly make me stronger.

I choose to ask myself daily if this is going to be a good day or a bad day. and most of the time, it turns out to be rather okay.

I choose to have people around me that are caring, and want the best for me, without selfish motives of their own. I choose people who are like me.

I choose to be opinionated. I like speaking for myself especially when nobody should have to.

I choose to be a strong woman, to put forth my stubbornness for my own benefit and not give in to naivety and settle for less than I deserve from a relationship. I choose to wait for the real deal however long that might take. Until then, a little fun in between can’t hurt.

I choose to laugh heartily, to dance and play because those are the things that keep me going, looking ahead to the next moment of dancing and laughing and living.

I choose to be exactly who I am at this moment, doing what I am doing.

I choose to be. It’s just that simple.


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