My dreams are weird again.

Dustin, who is fascinated by the subconscious and what it says about us, has been encouraging me to research the meanings of my dreams further, and I put it off until last night. While I have always thought that dreams are in fact somehow directly connected to our daily life, I didn’t think it was so much that it would make a difference. I was wrong.

The dreams I have had lately, more than chasing dreams, are bridge and river dreams. It’s always the Topeka Blvd bridge, and in 3 of the 4 dreams I have had about it, I am crossing either in the water or on a boat. In the first, I was walking across, and it was very unstable.

According to three different sites and a book on the meanings of dreams, bridges symbolize decisions that we are finding hard to make, or overcoming a life-changing obstacle. Some could mean that we are trying to come to a compromise with an emotional aspect of our life.

It fits, for sure. With the entire graduating, looking for a job, (slowly) looking for a house/apartment, relationship situation that is my life right now, I should be dreaming about bridges every night all night. I have had to make a lot of decisions, important ones, and the others are just boggled in my brain.

All day today I have felt that I just need to be more assertive in these things of my life, every single aspect. I need to say the things I want to say and do the things I want to do. Right now, not whenever I get around to them.

I think I found my newest hobby though. Thank you to Dustin.


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