official nerd.

I’m on a book high this week. After reading three (okay, well 2 and a half at the moment) this week, I made another trip to the library this morning before I came home to watch my KC Chiefs get stomped by Michael Vick and his Philadelphia Eagles. I was more than excited to see that they had acquired some new Charles Bukowski poetry (Thad, the materials selector, must be able to read my mind!). I also picked up a few fiction books, including The Alchemist, which I have been putting off reading. Sometimes when a book is so hyped, it leaves me expecting more than it delivers, and I’m not much of a fan of disappointment (which should keep me from watching the Chiefs games at all this season, but I still hold out hope for them!).

I wheeled myself toward the checkout counter with 10 mostly-thick books on my lap. I am sure I looked quite ridiculous. Or like an official book nerd.

And I am okay with that.

I’m off to read, darlings.


One Comment to “official nerd.”

  1. I wish I could read fast. It takes me forever to finish a book because I like to savor the writing, aside from the fact that every time I get going on a read, my mind wanders about stuff, be it my laundry or my next super important something. It’s kind of frustrating because I’m probably missing out on many books being this way.

    If it’s of any consolation though, I’m pretty much a nerd too, but it’s strange because I don’t look like one, so people look at me perplexed when I speak. Viva la Nerd!

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