After months of anticipation, the big night came. Kristi came to Kansas City! I tried to wrangle a bunch of people together to go party, but since this was a birthday weekend for 3 of my friends, most of the crew stayed in Topeka. But that was okay because we had plenty of fun with just a few of us.

My friend Justin and I arrived in KC around 7, and Kristi and her dad were waiting on us. I could see them in the lobby as we were coming across the skywalk of the hotel, and I was so excited! It’s been almost 4 years since we last saw each other in Lincoln so we were long overdue for a visit.

We went to find somewhere to eat. The streets and buildings are weird around the Power & Light District in KC so we had to go searching for the accessible entrance of the burger place we decided on. On the way there was some guy puking in the flowers along the side of the road. It was mean, but we all kind of laughed at him. It must have been a really good college football day for him or something because it was only 7:15 or so, and he was tore up. Finally we found the entrance we needed and warmed up a bit while we ate.

When we were done, Kristi’s dad (who is a huge sweetheart, I love him) went back to the hotel, and Justin, Kristi, and I headed for the bars. I have a friend (Kristi calls him my boy toy, lol) that works at the PBR Big Sky bar, so we decided to go watch him knock people off the bull. My buddy Aaron arrived after he got off work, and by then, the three of us were ready to start partying. Unfortunately the bull broke down, and BoyToy and his buddies were running around trying to fix him. I wish Kristi could have seen the hilarity that ensues when drunk people get on that thing!

I don’t really know how many beers/amaretto sours we drank, but it was enough to make things fun. We danced and sang and laughed almost the entire time. And we sent inappropriate texts to BoyToy just to make him laugh. :)

Some dumbo drunk that was standing behind us tapped me on the shoulder and asked me “Are you really in a wheelchair?” Uh, yes. “Well, you don’t LOOK like you should be in a wheelchair.” I couldn’t believe it really. It was like he was accusing me of faking, and it kind of caught me off guard. My friend Justin told him “Ya know, you could have asked her how she was doing first!” lol. I politely told the guy that he was ignorant, and then he must have gone somewhere else.

A guy from Souix Falls was there too. What a place to see someone—5+ hours away! And that guy was liking Kristi!!! Not kidding. He was going for her lungs with his tongue! I was sitting there like “wth is going on with him? Who does he think he is?” Of course, the beer was making me a little bit brave, and I must have been shooting him some dirty looks. I didn’t know who he was, but it made more sense when Kristi said he was from Souix Falls too.

Two more guys in chairs that I know, Mike and Brian, came through too, but we didn’t get to chat with them much. We’ll just have to schedule that next time Kristi is able to make it to KC.

At some point, we quit drinking and switched to water. It, plus the cold, sobered us up pretty quick as soon as we stepped outside.

While we were walking Kristi back to her hotel, we had another funny moment. I was in the lead, and there in the bushes not very far from where we saw the guy puking earlier was a different guy, laying flat on his back in the bushes. Now mind you, it was like 30 degrees, and who knows how long he had been lying there. So the guys helped him up, and kinda posted him up on the wall, after he said he was okay. Some friends that guy must have to let him wander off and pass out in the bushes!

The clincher of the night: Kristi forgot her room number. The hotel is huge and has like 28 floors, and she only knew that the last 2 numbers were -40. Nobody was at the desk downstairs so somehow one of us (I don’t remember who) came up with the brilliant idea of going floor to floor and trying the card in each door that ended in -40. Justin did the running, while Aaron, Kristi, and I waited by the elevator on each floor. It was quite hilarious. On I think the 8th or 9th floor, 2 really nice young men invited us to church this morning. How cute, huh! Those poor boys probably thought we needed church!

Anyway, the lucky floor was 11. We made sure she got in her room safe and sound, then headed home. At some point on the drive home Justin told me “You and Kristi are so much alike that it’s scary. You are definitely wild.” But I don’t call it wild. I just think we know how to have a good time. ;)

I haven’t had so much fun in quite a long time, and Kristi and I both have decided that we’re not waiting another 4 years to meet up again!

Kristi and I.

In the elevator at the end of the night, figuring out which room might be hers.

Three stooges.

Soooomebody had fun!


One Comment to “fabulous.”

  1. Man, it hasn’t even been a week and I miss you guys soooo much! I really can’t wait to come back. :)

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