handwritten craze.

I scribble your name
my journal
junk mail
on imaginary lines on my pillow
with the tip of my finger
before I fall asleep
on napkins as I eat
when I’m alone
or not
across the sky with my eyes
when I’m in the car
with nowhere important to be
just so I don’t forget
the curves
or the sounds of its letters
or the feeling my heart feels
whenever I think about you.

I scribble your name
most illegibly
because I’m in such a hurry
to have it in front of me
to myself.

I miss seeing your face
and without your voice
I’m left with scribbling
your name everywhere.


One Comment to “handwritten craze.”

  1. nice, visual piece, pictures just pop into my mind from your words so easily, and I feel this endless scribbling.

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