twenty-ten goals.

2009. It’s almost over. I remember being so excited about the new year and all the things that I was certain were going to happen. It just flew by so fast. I don’t feel that I accomplished half of what I wanted to, but I suppose that 2010 could be enough time for that. Maybe 2010 will be the best year ever.

Things I am going to attempt in 2010:

change the look of my blog. Majorly.
–finally open an Etsy. (eh, maybe, I don’t know if anyone would actually buy prints of my photos or any of my craftiness stuff anyway…)
–do something new with my hair.
–Be more girly, make-up wise.
–purge friends on Facebook that I never talk to.
organize pictures on hard drive. I need a good system.
–write in my journal every single day instead of skipping stuff.
–get a job that I really like!
–finally order a new manual chair.
–fall in love.
–hit every bar at power and light.
get a bamboo plant.
–be my own inspiration.
–get more sleep.
–count the stars.
–design stuff I can sell, like at a craft show.
–conquer crochet then learn to knit.
–send more snail mail instead of using social media.
–drink more water and less Dr Pepper.
–drink milk once in a while too (blech).
–tell people I love, that I do.
–burn more candles.
–spend far less time online.
–continue the “tidy” thing.
–spend less money on stupid stuff.
–be more patient in all things.
–not buy so many products just because they might work.
–concentrate better.
–no buying anything paper related until I use the stuff I have.
–be completely debt free for the most part.
–watch more of Chelsea Lately.
–take a picture every day.
–get a pet fish.
–exercise on a better schedule.


One Comment to “twenty-ten goals.”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog and was enjoying the photography when I saw you had one of these lists too. My 2010 goals include spending less time online (oops) but am glad I found this! Will enjoy reading more.


    p.s. I’ve wanted a Dreamy Diana lens for aaaages!

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