In review.

A year I’ll never forget & would never want to repeat. The happenings and lessons:

–I met the most confident, sweet, magnetic people this year.
–July changed my life, in more ways than one.
–Two words: oxygen man. (Some of you will appreciate this. Haha.)
–Kansas City now is one of my favorite places. So much fun to be had there.
–My sister figures me out every single time.
–I lost contact with a lot of people. Some I am sad about. Others, not at all.
–It felt good to feel beautiful.
–And it felt good to finally finish college.
–If I find a man that I can love more than football, I think I’ll make him my husband.
–Emotionally I broke down and then built myself up stronger. I have a wall as big as China’s.
–I don’t know if any job could be as fun and informative as my internship at TSCPL was. Loved it.
–I made someone cry, and I don’t feel bad about it.
–Some things that I worry about just don’t matter.
–Hanging with Maria is always full of laughs, even when it’s followed by tears. I missed her so much!
–Creepy old man sending me beer from the waitress, then handing me his email on a napkin. Creepy, creppy, creepy and slightly hilarious.
–After parties at Benny’s. His grandma probably still hates us, but his mom loves us!
–Maria’s phone dropped in vomit outside Brandon’s apartment. Oh that poor phone went through hell!
–Chucks are still my fav shoes.
–And hoodies and jeans are still my favorite attire.
–Borrowing Kieffer’s straws after Happy Hour. His face was priceless.
–Once you care about a person, all logic about them goes out the window.
–It’s hard not to want to be around someone who makes you totally comfortable with them.
–Wheelchairs still fucking suck.
–Surprise 24th birthday party! Tequila shots, cucumbers, and inappropriate text messages. What a night!
–Yankees won the World Series!
–Chiefs barely won anything.
–I wrote. A lot!
–Kristi, Aaron, Justin & I found a drunk guy in the bushes (twice in one night!), but couldn’t find her hotel room. Probably the best night of the year.
–Dayton and Raelyn’s arrivals were 2 of the highlights, for sure. Baby fever? Oh yeah.
–Trying to teach my mother the workings of football is harder than I anticipated.
–I’m obviously too much a Jared Allen lover. I almost feel like a Chiefs traitor.
–I cut down on pop and candy, just because it’s not that good anymore.
–Beer and conversations outside in thunderstorms.
–I am getting better at taking compliments.
–I realized I really never want to be a bridesmaid. I like to watch weddings rather than be in them.
–I suck at cooking, but I am getting better. (I did make one glorious pizza, once.)
–Visiting hospitals sucks for any reason.
–Once you figure out what traits annoy you about a person, you can expect them, get over it, and like that person even more than before.
–The best compliments come from the people you least expect to hear them from.
–First rollercoaster since being paralyzed was awesome and scary at the same time. Check one off the bucket list.
–Ignoring people who are assholes is SO hard sometimes.
–Brother/sister fights are sometimes healthy. I sometimes love them more after a fight.
–Loose Park = love.
–I discovered that Charles Bukowski is a genius poet.
–I learned it’s easy to be let down when the expectations are wrong.
–A lot of songs made me cry this year. Even more made me smile and dance.
–2010 just has to be a better year! There’s no other way around it.


One Comment to “In review.”

  1. Hi Carrie, dropped in to see what you’ve been writing and I really enjoyed your lists — both relfective about 2009 and hopeful about 2010. Slowly making my way backwards through your other posts as well, enjoying your poetic voice very much.

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