Things are looking up in the utter boredom area. I have projects lined up, mainly the business card design and advertising design for Angie’s hair salon and Matt’s graduation announcements. It’s exciting to know that people want me to design anything for them considering I’m so “new” to the game.

It gives me a confidence that I think I lost for a little bit. Between this awful weather and the reality that job openings are so few and far between around here, it has been grey around here lately. Keeping busy and seeing the sun shine and temperatures finally reach the 20s for 2 days in a row has been awesome. I never thought I would welcome 32 degrees with such open arms, but we have major snow that needs melting. Let’s get RID of it!

It feels like that boredom that students get when winter break has reached the wall of boredom and they are ready to go back to classes. Speaking of which, I have again been looking at KU’s graduate programs. I thought I had my mind set on it a few months ago, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bounce around a decision like this in my head a hundred times. Back and forth. That’s just how I am.


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