project one down.

Business cards for Angie are done. Now onto the other flyers and newspaper ad that will be run. I figured that since all the pieces will be similar I’d just blog about them now, even though only the business cards are ready to be shown.

Angie didn’t really have a look she definitely wanted besides something “simple” so she left me to the full designing and “feel.” I wasn’t sure at first if I was excited about that, or completely terrified.

I love the look of handwritten words on any advertising though, so I wanted to incorporate that. When I told her about my idea to make it look like a piece of hair being cut by scissors, she loved the idea, and off I went.

Obviously, it took a few times to get one that I liked.


She didn’t have a huge budget to work with, and the entire thing cost less than $30 for all her cards. We bought precut cards and printed them on my Espon printer. They turned out better than I thought they would, truthfully.


2 Comments to “project one down.”

  1. I wanted to do this with my business cards too. Did you have to feed each card by hand into the printer?

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