back to regular shooting programming.

I have been spending a lot of time with my camera again, and it feels so good to have that particular creative outlet back. For weeks in 2009, all I did was write and I didn’t even get my DSLR out of my camera bag, mostly because I felt I didn’t have anything new or interesting to photograph and because it was just a hassle to carry with me all the time.

One of my goals was to take a picture every day as a part of my 365 project for 2010, and so far, it has gone well. I have come out of my shell a little bit when it comes to taking pictures in public. Before I was always shy and felt awkward when I would take my camera out. Now I just snap pictures like it’s what I am supposed to be doing. I have found in just the last two weeks that if you feel awkward about it, people are going to look twice and feel awkward too, or start wondering what the hell you are doing taking random pictures of the snow or buildings or whatever it may be. You have to have the confidence, and people don’t think twice about it.

Not only have I been using my DSLR more, I have embraced the power of my Blackberry’s camera (which is still sort of crappy) and my point-and-shoot Sony (which is mostly my bar/crazy-pictures-of-friends camera) as more useful than I gave either of them credit for before. I like the mix of good to crappy quality pictures, which sometimes is just what I want anyway.

Now if I can keep up with finding subjects to shoot every single day and keep it interesting, I’ll be golden.

Also, my Fuji Instax should be arriving sometime today! I’m excited!


2 Comments to “back to regular shooting programming.”

  1. I think you did it with this one–interesting image.

  2. “Now if I can keep up with finding subjects to shoot every single day and keep it interesting, I’ll be golden.”
    If you can’t find them, make them.
    nice shot by the way..
    good luck

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