I found this on my facebook, and even though it was written over a year ago, all these things are still applicable to my life. Love it.

1. I have green eyes, and I love it.
2. I find it annoying when I see “your” and “you’re” mistakes.
3. Candles are almost always burning in my room. I like to switch up the scents, but anything fruity is usually good.
4. My regularly-read books (mostly poetry) are sitting on my desk at all times.
5. I try as hard as I can to leave a good impression.
6. Dr. Pepper, Post-Its, and Chapstick are my only addictions.
7. I critique the Sunday ads on their design; and most of them aren’t up to my standards. I always find things that could be better.
8. I am always looking for the next best thing to come along.
9. Graduate school sounds good sometimes; at other times, I dread more homework. So I’m procrastinating that decision.
10. I am very good at appearing busy, even when I’m bored out of my mind.
11. My nails look better painted. And I wore dark nail polish even before it was popular. So there.
12. I am somewhat of an impulsive shopper.
13. Being tall isn’t much of an advantage for me anymore.
14. I love working at TSCPL in Comm/Marketing. Seriously, it’s like my dream job right now. (It was, anyway.)
15. I don’t like the way that anyone else makes macaroni and cheese.
16. I love Flickr. I’m regularly inspired there and am learning so much more than I thought.
17. My latest journal is only 31 days old and already almost full. I write, a lot.
18. I miss having a dog. I miss my Rusty and Roxy.
19. I used to collect ink pens, and I had almost every color of gel pen you could think of. Now I just use black ballpoint ones.
20. My handwriting used to be pretty, but now it looks like chicken scratch….there’s no time for pretty anymore.
21. I love my nieces and nephews more than anything. I spoil them too much probably.
22. I like to paint, even though I pretty much suck at making anything look realistic.
23. I remember what it feels like to walk. It’s a weird feeling.
24. Summertime rain is my favorite kind of rain. Just not too much of it.
25. I am not the type of girl who you tell to do something. It won’t get you anywhere. Just ask me nicely.

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