Even though you can’t really tell by the picture, I’ve been sick. Coughing, sneezing, cold, hot, runny nose, half-way voice, headache. Oh, it sucks. I just want to breathe normal again. In the meantime, I have been spending my time watching tv (MTV reruns mostly), reading All the King’s Men, writing, and attempting to keep myself warm (or cool depending on what my body temperature is craving at that moment).

Something about being sick makes me so emotional. I think it’s just the helpless feeling that there’s nothing that can make it go faster. I just have to sit and wait it out, which I don’t have time for. Waiting and being sick are exhausting, and putting the two together, well, it’s just not my thing. Anything could make me cry, and that certainly doesn’t help any. Getting mad only makes the headache worse. The only plus would be that it makes me want to put words on paper.

What could make it better? Yep, flowers. My good friend Ronnie, who I have known since we were about 13, brought me flowers yesterday afternoon. How sweet of him! There are times when we go weeks without seeing each other, but other times we talk every day and hang out as much as we can. It’s been that way lately. I think I have talked to him more than anyone else. We have our code-red-I-need-to-talk conversations and laughing-til-we-cry conversations too. It’s rare to find a guy friend that cries around me, but he does. He’s a big ole crybaby when he’s having a hard day, and I completely love him for it.


One Comment to “fevered.”

  1. Sorry about your illness. We had one of those run through the house a few weeks ago.

    Friendships are to be treasured–its sounds like you have a super one with someone who brings flowers.

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