top five tuesday + dad’s hospitalization.

Top Five Tuesday. I’m bored with it already. Isn’t that sad? I’ve only done it for two weeks and it interests me no more. Maybe I’ll find some umph to pick it up again next week, but for this week, I’m going to pass.

Dad has been in the hospital since yesterday. He was scheduled for a heart cath to look at the stints that he had put in in July, which has already getting blocked again. The doctor cleared it up again, but they are now looking into whether he can handle open-heart surgery to repair an aneurysm that they found. We’ll see what the CT this morning says before we have to make any definite plans, but I think we have all agreed that surgery would be the best idea.

So, in keeping to my theory that positivity is the best way to ensure a good outcome, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he can have the surgery even with his damaged lungs, that he will deal with whatever pain comes with it and that he will be fine. He will be fine.

Because we need him to be.

I can’t guarantee any more posts this week (the stress and exhaustion are slightly overwhelming right now), but I’ll try.

UPDATE: The aneurysm may be smaller than they first thought, so they *might* be able to go through his vein to repair it. Here’s hoping!


One Comment to “top five tuesday + dad’s hospitalization.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your father and will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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