Happy birthday, Darcy.

Sometimes I forget to tell you
the little things that you might need to hear,
the ones I’m not very good at saying,
like I don’t really mind being compared to you,
or how I always know my secrets
are safe with you.

Thank you for rescuing me
when I’m crying too hard to breathe,
believing in me and my dreams,
even when no one else will,
and laughing when my crazy comes out.

You always encourage me
to go for what I want,
and just want me to be happy.

Even in our occasional fights,
we always emerge stronger
and better friends than before.

I’ve only been lucky enough
to have one sister,
and I am glad she is you.

happy birthday! I love you.


2 Comments to “Happy birthday, Darcy.”

  1. wow,
    happy birthday,

    insightful poem, ;)

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