Thoughts (and pictures).

–Derek and Katie finally had the baby. A precious, beautiful baby girl Kinley Belle. She is destined to be a football-loving girl. She did wait until 2 minutes after midnight on Super Bowl Sunday to be born. I held her today, and she is so tiny and so pretty. Some newborns are just ugly, but not this one. I wish now I had a picture to show you. Soon, soon.

–Dad still hasn’t had any kind of surgeries or procedures done to get to that aneurysm. I’m not sure what is taking so long or which doctor we are waiting on to decide what to do, but it is making me anxious. I mean, come on, it’s his heart. Kiiiinda serious if you ask me. Til we know, I’m just still trying to stay upbeat about things. There’s not much else that I can really do.

–Snow, snow, snow. I’m sick of you and your whiteness. Go away. I hate you.

–And since that is about the only thing that has happened lately, I’ll just leave you with some pictures from the past week or so. I’ve been taking my camera everywhere. Just in case. I never know when I might need it.


One Comment to “Thoughts (and pictures).”

  1. The emotional pulse in your imagery is brilliant.

    Wishing you well, for your father.

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