every once in a while.

It was a good day to hang out by myself and do some shopping. I didn’t really buy anything spectacular, just a couple shirts, a movie (Sideways), and some books. I probably didn’t need to go clear to Kansas City to get any of the things I got (except for the amazing Taco Bueno that a friend from KC and I had for lunch), but after yesterday, a day out of this town was much needed (if you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll understand).

Sometimes I feel so couped up and stuck that I get frustrated and stir-crazy and impatient. It kind of blows up if I am sparked. Yesterday, I was sparked, and it turned into a huge flaming fire. It’s been stressful lately, with Dad’s heart stuff going on, job searching (and not searching), friends who I seldom see, guys (who prove time and again to be untrustworthy), and the start of looking for a place to move. I didn’t need anything else to worry about, but of course, there’s always that last something to send me over the edge.

I’m happy to say I’m better today. I’ve had time to think and calm down. Two days in a row of the kind of anger I had yesterday would have been dangerous for everyone. No joke.


2 Comments to “every once in a while.”

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes a bit of ‘me’ time does us all the world of good!

  2. It sounds like time well invested. I hope your weekend goes well.

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