unexpected gift.

Okay, okay. Valentine’s Day is pretty good when you know someone is thinking about you. I found a box on the porch early in the morning, and inside was candy, a Jayhawk hoodie, and a sweet card. It was from Kelly, Jeremy’s friend from work. Sweet, huh?

He is always so thoughtful in his gifts like for my birthday, he got me a bunch of little stuff that is so me–shimmery chapstick, a Jayhawk keychain that sings the fight song, and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. He pays attention to stuff I like. Most people just overlook the stuff that is important, but not Kelly.


One Comment to “unexpected gift.”

  1. And why aren’t we dating this guy? He sounds perfect for you! He remembers DETAILS. You don’t find that everyday. What a sweet guy to give that to you. :)

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