be gone.

So far, it’s been a back-and-forth kind of week (and it’s only Wednesday!). It’s like the stress has been calming me down. Odd? Tell me about it.

Today I have nothing planned, except for diving into my Pride and Prejudice book and watching DVDs. I managed all of my shopping yesterday, which leaves the only errand left this week to run to the bank. Eh, I’ll do that tomorrow. My van is so loud since the snow was devilish and ripped the muffler loose. The van rides so low that even a small pile of snow can make it drag. I’ve been staying home as much as possible until I can it to Jim’s shop. There’s not much point in getting that done, though, until some sunshine assures me that we’ll be snowless for the rest of this winter.

Oh, snow, I hate you! I won’t miss you or the rumble of my muffler.


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