I miss you
the way I would miss an old friend
who had moved away
to another city, another state
another life,
a friend who had a different plan
a friend I can’t see but still feel.

I repeat all the things
I wish I would have said
like how handsome you were
how you always made me laugh the hardest
and how you looked good in red.
To give myself a little peace
I tell myself you wouldn’t
have cared that much anyway
about what I had to say
but, really, I think you would have.

I miss you
in a way I shouldn’t
with a palpable aching
showing on my face.
Time wasted could have been spent
so much better, with you.

I’ve missed you
on a regular basis
every single day
since you’ve been gone
and I’ll miss you
again tomorrow
and every single day after.
Life has become
a merry-go-round of emotions
spinning and spinning
round and round.

But it always comes right back to you.

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One Comment to “gone.”

  1. That is a verse to make one think. Thanks for the challenge.

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