pride and prejudice.

I have spent the better part of the past two weeks reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Why did it take me so long to finish it? Because the way that Jane Austen writes makes me feel stupid, that’s why. I seem to reread entire paragraphs just to make sure that I am getting the storyline correctly. It’s really not a surprise to me that hardly anyone reads older literature. It’s takes patience, which normally I am not good at. But this was a love story, and love stories are worth rereading paragraphs.

Of course, I had to watch the movie when I was done. The new version (not the Colin Firth version, which is next on my list to buy). I bought the Kiera Knightley version last week at Vintage Stock because I knew it would be on my list of things to see and because even though I am dense to older English literature, the novel had me hooked.

Great movie. I am admittedly a romantic movie type of girl, probably because I lack so much romance in my own life. Sad, but seriously true. Mr. Darcy was played my Matthew Macfadyen, who I have to say might not catch my eye in real life, but when he says “You must allow me to tell you how I ardently admire and love you,” he caught me. Swooooon. I have memorized that line. It’s so…unreal. Maybe that’s the love cynic in me rolling my eyes, but the romantic part of me is hopeful that a man says something similar to me one of these days.

Oh my, I think I am love-starved or something.


2 Comments to “pride and prejudice.”

  1. Awww….this is one of my FAVORITE books!! And might I say…one of my FAVORITE movies!! I’ve seen the BBC version…and it’s great…but this one makes me go AWWWWWWWW and *sigh*.

  2. Welcome to my world. Odd you should post this because as the possibility of a dissertation in English approaches, Austen is competing for space in my mind…what timing. I was just recently forced to memorize this entire book, and though she’s a genius, indeed, the story is like the stuff of fairy tales. The world could do better if they all read Austen.

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