always, sometimes, never.

I originally saw a version of this list on oh, hello friend‘s blog, and decided to post one of my own. What I didn’t expect was just how doing this simple list really put some things in perspective. There are many things that I should do more often and things that I probably should eliminate from my life. I plan on doing an updated version again in the future.

I always:

–am looking for the next best thing.
–will be a Mac lover.
–have Chapstick with me wherever I go.
–wish I could let go.
–listen to music when I am on the computer.
–save my change.
–could eat pizza. There’s never a time I would pass it up. Especially Gambino’s.

I sometimes:

–wish things were different.
–hope things never change.
–let my room get messy and out-of-control unorganized.
–have a hard time saying what I want to say.
–feel really super pretty, for no reason at all.
–overlook the important things.
–want to stay home on weekends, rather than go out.

I never:

–worry about what other people think of me.
–eat peas.
–get my expectations too high.
–want to lose anyone close to me.
–let someone easily know if they’ve hurt me.
–can seem to break the go-out-with-the-bad-boy cycle.
–say never.


One Comment to “always, sometimes, never.”

  1. Neat list.

    I resisted the pea eating for many years, but mom and now the Mrs. are more stubborn that I am/was.

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