excitement will kill me.

I’m moving….in July. I know, it’s only February, and July seems like so far away still. Believe me, I know. My parents have been discussing moving for a while now, and since I’m pretty much the only one left at home (my brother comes and goes), I was a pretty big part of that discussion. This house (where they/we have lived for 33 years and raised all 5 of my siblings and I) is just too old and too hard to keep up with for either of them. We have a big yard that nobody wants to mow, and when fall comes, the dust from outside tracks in on our shoes and my wheels. Basically, it makes it harder for my dad to breathe, which he can’t do very well in clean air, let alone dusty air.

So I decided that if they were leaving, so was I. There is no way I could maintain this house by myself, even with the (sometimes) help of my brothers/sister. It just would be stupid for me to stay.

Yesterday my mom and I saw some townhomes that were recently built. I casually looked them up online, not expecting for them to be a consideration. It’s hard to find a place that you can rent that is as handicapped accessible as they should be for me. Doors are never wide enough, bathrooms are never big enough, cabinets are always too tall. But these are perfect. As perfect as a place can be for me. Even the closets have bars that are halfway to the floor, which of course I loved.

I wish I had pictures, but I’ll just give you the link instead. There are photos on the virtual tour here.

The realtor/contractor was amazingly nice, and even better, he understands what the most pressing issues are for me. The unit that we looked at was awesome and livable for me, but since they’re breaking ground on a new building with 4 brand new units, I decided that I’d give myself a few months to get ready for a big move. He even said that he would be calling me before they start to do construction on the inside to be sure that the cabinets/bathrooms are all to my liking. How awesome, right! It should be ready at the end of June or early July if the weather cooperates. Just in time for a 25th birthday barbeque, of course!

My parents loved it too. They are actually thinking of moving close into one of the other units. For most people, that would be a problem, but having my parents close to me is actually the best thing. I mean, if there was an emergency, they’d be right there (either way–with my dad’s health, I like to be close and my mom is always paranoid about me falling). Plus I have a great relationship with my parents and love them like crazy, so living close isn’t so bad. They aren’t nosey about what I do and respect that my life is my life. How do you think I managed to live at home with them until I was 24!?

Oh I’m so excited I could just scream. Onto the shopping now…for housey stuff.


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