small confessions.

Before you write another sweet note,
let me say–

I want nothing from anyone’s heart
until I can feel safe about giving
a piece of mine.

I’m good at being guarded, like I am hiding
something else that exists where my heart should be.
I’m good at avoiding the things that need to be said, and heard
I’m good at turning away when I see things getting real

and it’s just that when things get hard
I’m the one good at walking away
and pretending to be the one who didn’t
care at all.

I never meant to be this
scared of being vulnerable.
At times, I feel like I’m the only one.

The problem with loving
someone is that you soften
& I’m afraid deep
in my soul that I am far
too scarred for that.

Just don’t break my heart
the way the other one did
and I’ll try not to ignore yours.
Let’s try something different.


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