here’s to hoping.

Oh, the job search. I have somehow found some motivation to get it on the road. I finally updated my LinkedIn profile and tweaked my resumè. It’s stressful thinking about how other people look even at those things. I mean, the resumè is the most important, and I worry that mine is too much or not enough. Will they like it, or won’t they? Ah, the stress!

Jobs in the communications and marketing field that I wish I could have (like at the public library) just aren’t available around here at the moment, so I might just have to give in and take something that isn’t exactly on the path I dreamed of. But a start is a start, and I can still look for my dream job while working elsewhere.

After all, beggars can’t be choosers.

I have had a lot of support lately from people I know. My lawyer has put in a good word for me with some media friends he knows. My older brother did the same. I met a p.d. detective a few weeks ago who offered to help since she knows important people around town. I really appreciate any help they offer, but even that is stressful. I have a fear of letting people down and this puts the pressure on me to really do well should I find a job through one of these avenues. I guess I might be getting ahead of myself, but it’s still an issue I think about.


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