I am forever a Jayhawk.

Before I started to love football as much as I do, I loved basketball. When I was in high school, I was a fanatical Jayhawk fan. Actually, I have been a fan since I was born, but in high school, the years of Jeff Boschee, I was crimson and blue all the way. My Jayhawk fire was reignited, and Jeff Boschee wasn’t a bad excuse to watch every game either. I mean, really, I stood in line at Barnes and Noble to have him sign a copy of his book….and i told him I loved him. Yea, I was a fan.

Two years ago, we won the national championship. It was a long time coming, and I think it solidified Bill Self as OUR coach. Many people had been holding onto their love for Roy Williams (who left us for UNC), but most of them really embraced Self after that. The fact that he then turned down an offer to leave Kansas to coach at Oklahoma showed us that he was loyal to us too (which a lot of people also felt Williams wasn’t). I cried when he said he’d stay, and I think I was a little bit in love with him that day.

Now, we’re the #1 seed in the country. Pressure much? It’s exciting to see them play so well, but it’s also so devastating when they don’t. Last night’s first round game against Lehigh was so frustrating for the first 5 minutes when they got 8 points behind. I wanted to rip someone’s hair out! Of course, Self yelled a little bit and must have straightened them out because by halftime they were up by

We have Northern Iowa tomorrow. My Jayhawks versus the Koch brothers. It’s gonna be good.

Even Obama picked us to win the tournament. It’s that serious.


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