april, april, go away.

I hate April. Besides the blooming of flowers and the green returning to the grass, April is just full of bad for me. For as long as I can remember, bad things happen in April. Maybe it’s just all a coincidence, or I maybe I put too much into thinking that April is a hexed month, but either way, I can’t seem to shake it. This year, with Dad’s hospitalization again this week due to another bout of pneumonia and Donnie’s stupidity skyrocketing, it is confirmed again.

I noticed the trend last year, and after thinking back, it was more and more obvious that April seems to be a common denominator in so many bad memories. Every time I hear someone say the date, it’s a sting. When I was in the hospital so long ago, every new doctor or physical therapist would continuously ask me “What is your injury date?” and I would always have to reply “April 26.” They could never remember because they had dozens of patients to worry about, so repeating it was routine. I think that is where my hate of April really stems from, and maybe that is silly to some, but to me, it’s just how it is.

I need May to be here. Like yesterday.

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2 Comments to “april, april, go away.”

  1. i feel that way about October. At least in April there is lots of pollen….oh wait.

  2. November end and december begining happens to be my dark period:-(

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