I am so close 
and still so far away.

I know you are just beyond 
the bright lights of the city,
patiently awaiting an approaching dawn
through the haze of mist
and sinking rain.
A gray thick fogginess settling soft 
between me and you.

I won’t see your face this morning.

This stretch of highway
collects the beads of rain like
the words I meant to tell you
but couldn’t find the time
or the effort or the simple courage.
You make me learn
lessons hard.

Nobody warned me
that someone so unexpected
could so affect me
with just his smile
the way you do.

I miss you differently here
more than a normal morning,
knowing you’re just farther
down this road
and still so far away.

I want to fix you beside me,
just comfortable as we are
laughing and holding hands as I drive.
Your presence is unequivocal
to the person I am–
half of you, half of me.


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