getting over it.

I’ve been on a painting kick again for the past few days. I’m not an artist, in the drawing/painting sense, but it’s fun to actually put the paint out there and see what happens. The picture of the one above was taken before it was finished, but now the real thing is taped on my wall alongside other pieces of inspiration and idea-boosters.

I feel so much better now that the 26th has past, and I don’t have to really worry about it for another year. Maybe I put too much emphasis on that date, some people would probably think so. But I don’t care. That’s my DAY. That’s the day that if I am upset, I don’t have to explain why. Nobody wonders what is wrong with me. That’s my day. And I am so relieved it’s over for 2010.

I am caught up again on my 365 Project, and that’s another relief!


One Comment to “getting over it.”

  1. i have a day like that as well. October 31.

    here’s why.

    so I understand how glad you are to have this date pass.

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