first one!

The job interview this morning went well, on my end anyway. I went in not really knowing what to expect or what they wanted, but I had confidence and only a few nerves. I hadn’t applied for it (well, until today at the interview). Honestly, I hadn’t even heard of the company prior to the executive director calling me last week. He had gotten a copy of my resumè from Kristi Powell, who is the director of the Special Olympics here. I didn’t know if he was looking for an employee or if he was just meeting me to get a feel for the kind of job I wanted to pass it on like Kristi had done.

Now I know. He’s looking for an employee. I wouldn’t be an on-site employee, which suits me fine, and it would be only part-time (also good for me). I would be doing grant writing, design and publication work, and fundraising for non-profit corporations. Sounds pretty great, right? It does to me. I’m trying not to get my hope up too far, but this would be a fantastic first career-geared job. He’s interviewing other people, and I understand that I will most likely be the least experienced of the applicants. He and his wife (business partner too) assured me that they are looking for skills, not necessarily experience. My first “test” is to write a letter of intent, and they are going to base their decision on that. I’m determined to write the most fantastic letter of intent you’ve ever read, ha.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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