true story.

I need to be okay with what I have. I need to be content with a life that’s less than perfect but still make it as good as it can be. I need to not worry about where I wish I was but love where I am. I need to be happy with being fortunate enough to have the love and support and love I have and not wish for more. I need to spend more time telling the people I love that I do, and less time worrying about the people that I don’t. I need to be me 100% of the time and not apologize for it.

I know wanting and dreaming and wishing and striving for better aren’t bad things, but I realized I need to be happy with this moment, and live in it fully.

Life just seems to be a constant learning experience. I learn something, but a few months later, I learn it again.


2 Comments to “true story.”

  1. learning and relearning only makes us human. we should all cherish that fact, because we cant be perfect all of the time ;)

  2. i needed to hear this today, too.


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