meet: brostie.

This boy is hilarious. When he’s not being crazy anyway.

I met him when we were in a high school psychology class. I was a sophomore, and he was a senior. He always came in late, when he showed up at all, and I think he managed to copy off of everyone’s paper at some point that semester. We became good friends over those few months. On Valentine’s Day that year, he walked through the packed halls with a HUGE teddy bear and managed to make me blush. I’ll never forget that probably. He was sweet, and sometimes, he was way too much, way too crazy.

In the past two years or so, we’ve lost contact with each other, and I didn’t even realize how much I missed him until I rolled into the Rooster Tail Saturday night. I barely got through the door before someone yelled “CARRIE!” from across the bar. We spent the night laughing at old times, and I finally got to meet his fianceè Dawn and see pictures of their daughters. It was like we just saw each other yesterday.

I haven’t ever seen him so happy, or so calm, and that was the best part.


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