goals for the week.

A lot of these might carry over into next week, but I always find it easier to get motivated and accomplish something when I have it on a list that can be checked off. And if I have it here, where everyone can see whether I am doing it or not, it might give me more motivation. Hopefully there won’t be a million additions to this list.

make it to KC for Paper Source trip and some ME time.
catch up on emails.
–send in this refund for this money order. Major pain in the ass.
Wear my new favorite tank top.
Taco Bueno.
–drink only water all week long. This one might be a challenge!
make Kool-Aid popsicles for the girls.
–take Caleb his camera I promised. He’s going to be excited.
–get a lot of The Poisonwood Bible read.
–get more garage sale stuff sorted and marked.
clean out van
–find air fresheners I misplaced
–peel Washburn W off the back window of the van
open a checking account
–stand every single day. no skipping.
Lunch with Maria!

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One Comment to “goals for the week.”

  1. I’m a list person too. Except I always start the list with “Make a to do list” so I can cross it off right away and feel accomplished.


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