oh, brother.

When you look through those bars
and hear that heaviness catch and lock
leaving you living like a caged animal,
does it feel worth it?

Is it exhilerating now?
That high you were searching for,
stealing for, lying for,
does it seem worth it now?

That green jumpsuit doesn’t quite
suit you.

I sleep better at night
knowing you are there
in a cell for hours and hours,
knowing you can’t get drugs (as easily),
knowing you are safer in that place
surrounded by (other) criminals,

safer than you ever were
with any freedom.


8 Comments to “oh, brother.”

  1. Heavy,
    The real world…
    So hard


  2. tight. wonderfully written, hard on the heart…

  3. heartfelt poem,
    lovely post!

  4. heartfelt…safer than you ever were
    with any freedom, well written.

  5. this is very touching. Thank you for sharing.

  6. oh..this is really heavy..heavy poetry..and great point! thanks for sharing! really cool of you! ;) yey!

  7. there is a lot said here in few words, safety funny how sometimes we need to be safe from ourself……bkm

  8. some people cant bear the burden of freedom. beautiful work.

    I am here from Jingle’s Thursday Rally for poets.
    Peace n happiness 4U 4Ever.

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