swift kick.

I have felt so motivated and energetic over the past few days. I think opening that Etsy shop was just the kick I needed to finally feel creative again. Besides the project I promised this week, I have a few other things in mind that I want to get started on.

Also, thank you for the kind comments on this post. I received a few in the comment section, one by email, and a few on my Flickr. I just want to assure you all that I really do smile more than it seems. haha. It may not seem like it, I guess, by some of the poems I post here, but let me assure you, I really do. I’m a happy person, and if I met most of you, I’d probably hug you. Some of those poems were written during a hard break-up, but I’m just now finding that I want to share them. So as the time goes, and I run out of old poems, maybe it will seem cheerier around here. :)

And don’t feel shy about passing the shop around to your friends. *nudge, nudge*

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One Comment to “swift kick.”

  1. don’t know what it is, but at this point, I’m basically addicted to your blog. so keep writing. ;)

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