since you’ve left.

I do my best thinking
in the dark
away from lights and distractions
where my heart can be calm
and remind itself what remains dear
without drama or pretense.

With black all around
I can be myself
and hide the tears
if they should force themselves up.
No need to hide my face here.

In the dark
I do my best thinking
and mostly I think
of you.

And just how I miss you
and the mystery that you held
clear up until the very day
you died.

I have never missed
a friendship that was quite as quiet
as what we shared.

Still, it is here
and you are not.


2 Comments to “since you’ve left.”

  1. Nice Carrie.
    You are blessed, at 24, to have known a love like this, to have touched a soul like this so baldly, so surely that it lingers with you so. You must smile into that darkness, as you wrap what was around your heart against the day, never letting go of what most will never know.

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