random thoughts from this morning.

+ I’m not braving the heat today. It made me feel so worn out yesterday. Maybe I’ll spend the day reading.

+ I cannot wait for football season to start. I’m done with withdrawl, now I’m having cravings. I got a new small 2010 schedule in the mail yesterday, and it’s sitting right here on my desk.

+ I am starting to get excited for 4th of July too. Hanging out at my brother’s farm & then watching fireworks at the lake from his yard. It should be a good time.

+ Aunt Nancy and Leon are arriving on Monday. i haven’t seen her for approximately 5 years. I’m excited!

+ August can’t get here soon enough.

+ 38 days until my birthday!

+ I slept for 10 hours last night and still don’t feel quite caught up.


4 Comments to “random thoughts from this morning.”

  1. wow. you really do like chucks. ;)

  2. I really, really do love Chucks! Especially those one. They are so “summer” and fun!

  3. what happens in august? We don’t want anyone out there speeding up summer. ;)

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