24. It’s almost over.

In just a few weeks, I’ll be turning 25, and I’ll have to make a new goal minibook. I have an idea already for what I want to do with it (for one, I won’t use that pink fabric paint to try to outline the numbers, that’s for sure), but I am forcing myself to wait to get it together. I’m hanging onto 24 for as long as I can.

This book was really fun to keep up with. I found the idea via Elise (of course), and it made me feel motivated to accomplish the things I want because they were right there on the page staring at me. I won’t list all of them since some of them are (to me) personal, but in the last year, I have been able to check off most of the 24 things I have listed. For instance, I learned a new skill (crochet), ate healthier, and paid off all my debt (although I acquired a new credit card charge a few days ago when I bought the EVO). Other goals I had (like experiencing every bar at Power & Light district in KC) have changed. Going out and drinking aren’t things that really interest me anymore so that goal is irrelevant to me now.

Years from now, I look forward to looking through this book, at the goals and pictures, and reexamining how life has changed (or not changed).

24 sure has been one of the calmer years of my life, and I’m not complaining.


One Comment to “24. It’s almost over.”

  1. ah 24….. not sure my scroll goes back that far.

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