25 things I’ll never do.

1. skydive
2. drugs
3. change myself for a man
4. hurt someone purposely
5. swim in the ocean
6. stay with a cheater
7. give up photography
8. give up poetry
9. not love the sunshine
10. settle
11. have no goals
12. want to own a pet bird
13. enjoy mud
14. find stationery boring
15. stop loving football
16. go to jail
17. be unaddicted to Chapstick
18. flash anybody (in public anyway, haha)
19. eat an oyster
20. not love the mountains
21. have to change a tire
22. tattoo a man’s name on me
23. date a Wildcat fan
24. love snow
25. be mean to my (future) kids


2 Comments to “25 things I’ll never do.”

  1. I thought you wanted to sky dive for your 25th birthday? Did something change your mind?

    • Oh yea I crossed that off the list when I watched too many videos & read some statistic that said yore more likely to die skydiving than in a train crash. I like living too much.

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