looking back at 24. looking forward to 25.

(happy birthday to me!)

+ It’s the year I stood up for myself & didn’t let anyone change my mind. I am getting good at sticking to my guns.
+ I started to believe in love again. I said it, and I meant it.
+ I realized that drinking causes more problems than it’s even worth. So I pretty much quit.
+ I saw how immature adults can be.
+ I had baby fever. BAD.
+ I became addicted to Words with Friends.
+ I opened an Etsy shop. And still not feeling sure about it.
+ I cut back on pop and started eating healthier, and never regretted it for a minute.
+ I became friends with someone because of very unfortunate and sad circumstances. She is wonderful though.
+ I questioned a lot of relationships, the most important ones.
+ I became totally bored with my routine, then embraced changes.
+ I had a lot of good conversations with my little brother.
+ I cried during the first episode of Glee I ever saw.
+ I found some real motivation and desire to design again.
+ I wished once in a while that I was an only child.
+ I stayed home and wrote on weekends, instead of going out.
+ I felt (at times) really alone. Sometimes a good alone, sometimes a bad alone.
+ I dug around in my own emotions, and felt so much relief after figuring some things out.
+ I watched Pride and Prejudice more time than I can count and am able to recite the script.
+ I missed Colorado something fierce.
+ I was easily frustrated with people.
+ I had some pretty awesome dreams.
+ I watched a lot of The First 48.
+ I almost had a nervous breakdown in April. It was a rough month.
+ I wrote. A lot.
+ I was really good about budgeting my money.
+ I fell in love with instant film.
+ I discovered really good self-tanning lotion. No skin cancer for me.
+ I missed the way things used to be, but didn’t want to go back.
+ I loved Aunt Nancy’s trip home. Loved seeing her and Leon (and everyone else).
+ I thought that there are some things that I’d be better off not knowing.
+ I bought and loved my first red Moleskine.
+ I got the flu & felt like I would surely die. Luckily for you, I didn’t. :)
+ I ate Gambino’s A LOT. Best pizza ever.
+ I loved my Unravelling e-course and all the women in it. I feel so much stronger.
+ I bought the HTC EVO and wondered how I ever lived without touchscreen phones.
+ I made my own X-Mas cards and other stationery. Love that process.
+ I finally discovered online banking.
+ I figured a few things out and confused myself even more about a few other things.
+ I chipped my tooth a tiny bit. And spent the rest of the week obsessing about it. (Dentist says not to worry.
+ I dreaded 25, and now it’s here. So let’s get out there and make the most of it.

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One Comment to “looking back at 24. looking forward to 25.”

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Yeah, life w/o alcohol, much more pleasurable, much less embarrassing.

    Hope your 25 goes great.

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