blink, blink.

I figured I might as well get it overwith before I get too deep into this job and have no motivation left to even make the appointment. Am I the only one that an eye appointment just wipes out for the rest of the day? They exhaust me.

Anyway, I was officially told I had astigmatism, which I expected, and my left eye is near-sighted. So between those two things, I have the reasoning behind crazy blurry vision when driving at night. Last week, I was coming home from Lawrence, and I was actually scaring myself because I couldn’t really tell how far the headlights of the oncoming traffic was, or how many for that matter. I’m skiddish about 2-lane highways anyway, and it was making me a little panicked. That sort of kicked my butt in gear to get to the eye doctor, plus I had listed it as one of my 25 goals for this year.

Glasses are ordered and should come in this week. I might get some contacts eventually, but glasses will do for now. I always feel smarter in glasses anyway.

So 1 down, 24 to go.


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