just a reminder.

I’m not sad and lonely (all the time, ha), and I don’t always write about myself or my own relationships. Sometimes those poems that I post aren’t about me or my life at all. I see people around me, my friends, family, coworkers, peers, going through things too, and I put myself in their shoes. Or try to anyway.

I ask myself what I would feel if it were me going through the same thing, and that’s where some of the poetry comes from. I’m not constantly heartbroken, believe it or not.

In fact, I am sort of at a stand still on words lately, from my life or anyone else’s life. When things get busy, I don’t have the time or energy to put into writing. It may be different for others, but, for me, it takes energy.

So you’ll see some writing, but it will probably be sporadic. When I don’t have work or something scheduled every single day, more will come here.

Don’t give up on me til then!


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